ProspectumLIVE provides a modern platform for your virtual event. For live attendees of the hybrid event, we offer the ProspectumLIVE mobile app to reach your entire audience from one platform.

The revamped ProspectumLIVE service offers a wide range of options for implementing hybrid or virtual events. Whether the event is a short information session or a combination of several days and several different program streams, the features of ProspectumLIVE will meet your needs.

The virtual event is built around a video stream or video conference. ProspectumLIVE offers the opportunity to share content in addition to live or recorded videos, also by using video conferencing services (ZOOM or For participant interaction, we offer a chat and voting service as well as word cloud feature.

In addition to the video and interaction service, ProspectumLIVE also includes voting functionality, secure login, networking services and a virtual showroom. Guests can be guided to the event through the impressive lobby area and navigate the virtual showrooms. For exhibitors, we offer a wide range of visibility and interaction opportunities with the guests of the virtual event.

Networking in a hybrid or virtual event

ProspectumLIVE offers the opportunity for personal networking between participants through chat and video calls. Participants can arrange appointments in advance and search for participants who match their own interests.

Hybrid events

A hybrid event, i.e. a combination of a virtual event and a live event, is a risk-free option at times when a live event cannot be guaranteed. ProspectumLIVE is great for hosting hybrid events. Audiences arriving at the site of the hybrid event can take advantage of a mobile app that makes it easy to participate on a mobile device and allows interaction with virtual attendees.



High quality
video connection
Audience management and moderation
Utilization and visibility of social media
Real-time voting




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