All your event's information in one place.

A growing number of event participants have smart phones on them, so why not make your event information available to them through those devices?

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Market’s leading solution for event communication and mobile voting.


Social media


Mobile voting and queries


Event mobile app integration

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Market’s leading solution for interaction, event communication and mobile voting.

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All your event information and participant communication in one, easy-to-manage service.

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Eventos Mobile

Bring your event program to the participants’ pockets - through their smart phones.

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Send group text messages through browser based, SMS-sending tool – without fixed costs.

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We have strong experience in interaction and making events interactive.

We’ve added value to the participation experience of various different events, educational facilities, companies and organizations through interaction.



We have focused on making our services easy-to-use, and enabling equal participation possibilities for all.



Our services are visually impressive and use modern web and mobile technologies to operate.


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