What is Messagewall?

Messagewall combines text messages, social media services and website into a one, easy to manage and visually impressive participation experince.

Encourages and activates your audience to participate

Messagewall offers an easy and quick way to enable active discussion in events, either anonymously or through social media.

Real time voting service

Quick and easy-to-use voting service offers an ideal way to visualize your audience’s opinions on interesting topics. It doesn’t require additional equipment and adding new polls is easy even during the event.

Mobile service keeps your audience informed

The mobile service, when integrated to the Messagewall, is an excellent channel for sharing information about the event content, performers, arriving instructions etc. The mobile service works on all platforms and is also available as an app.

How it works?



The discussion is projected on a white screen or other display. It can also be integrated to a video stream or a website.


The audience can participate to the discussion through multiple channels. You can choose which channels they can use.


You can control the incoming messages through an easy-to-use moderation panel. You can edit and decide which messages are published on the wall and in what order.


    Mobile voting and queries

    Collect information and visualize the distribution of opinion in real time through mobile voting. Answering to queries is easy and the results are visible straight away!



    Messagewall activates the participants into a direct and authentic discussion! The dialogue adds value to your event. Choose available participation channels from SMS messaging, Twitter and Website chat.



    Make your event more visual and interesting by sending pictures on the wall through Twitter and Website chat – straight from your phone.


    Controlling the publicity of the messages

    Participants can also send messages anonymously, under a nickname or with their own name. The possibility for anonymity often encourages the participants to a more active interaction.


    Modifying the visual look

    Messagewall can be customized to support the visual look of your event or organization.


    Video stream integration

    Offer a real two-way participation experience by integrating the Messagewall to a HD-video stream and enabling remote participants to see and participate in the Messagewall discussion and voting.


    Customer service

    We’re available for help and guidance both before and during the event.


    Moderation service

    You can use the Messagewall as a moderated service, which means that we provide the moderator and the required hardware (laptops) for the event. The moderation service includes a planning meeting with the customer before the event.


    Event mobile app integration

    Share the event information directly to the participants through their smart phones. Often used features include i.e. event program, participant information, links to presentation material ja real time feedback questionnaire.


    Whiteboard integration

    Collafy is an online “flip board”, that can be used in events to illustrate the speaker’s concepts or as a tool in different kinds of workshops.

Service options

You can purchase the Messagewall service for certain events or as a yearlong license, during which you can use it as much as you like! We also offer Messagewall as a moderated service, that enables you to focus on other event aspects while we take care of the Messagewall.

Messagewall as a rental service

  •   Visual customization
  •   Login credentials and instructions
  •   Remote support during the event
  •   Event or Year licence
  •   Starting support at the event as an option

Messagewall as a moderated service

  •   Visual customization
  •   Planning meeting
  •   Technical support person at the event
  •   Computers (2pcs) and narrator’s tablet-device
  •   Additional projecting as an option

Messagewall can be used in all kinds of events!

Messagewall has already been a part of over 1000 events, transmitting over 400,000 messages from different channels. Participation and activation are an important part of all events!

For events

  •  Social wall or Twitter wall
  •  For workshops
  •  As a channel for panel discussion
  •  For seminars, conferences, symposiums
  •  Mobile voting
  •  For fairs

For education and training

  •  Discussion channel for students
  •  Discussion tool for e.g. random tests
  •  Groupwork
  •  Workshops

For Companies

  •  Internal training
  •  Customer events
  •  In breakrooms to activate personnel
  •  Integrated to company’s intranet
  •  Workshops


We’ll create customized solutions for your event communication and interaction needs together with you. Contact us directly, or leave a contact request.